If you’re here, we hope you’ve voted. Or are thinking about voting. Or are looking for more information about voting.


#VoteRaleigh is a collaboration between Jedidiant Gant and Tina Haver Currin, who both live and work in downtown Raleigh, and their employer, Myriad Media. Together, we believe voting should be easily available and accessible to all citizens, and that locals should encourage and celebrate voter turnout as a point of pride. 

We’ve created a 12x12 mobile mural that reimaginges the “I voted” sticker through a localized lens. It can be found on the side of Chuck’s throughout early voting until Election Day (Oct. 20 through Nov. 8). On Nov. 8, voters are elligible to receive a miniature version outside of select polling places.



Despite location across the country, every election day, everyone receives the same sticker that says 'I Voted', at the ballot box. We thought it was bland and needed a local, more meaningful rebrand for the Raleigh and NC community. So we hired designer Shane Smith to freshen up the sticker for a new generation of voters.

Designer: Shane Smith

Muralist: Scott Nurkin

Sponsored by: Myriad Media, Blueprint, with help from Democracy NC



As of 2016, Millennials represent the largest generation in the American electorate—but they don’t vote. According to Pew Research, “the high-water mark for Millennials was the 2008 election, when 50% of eligible Millennials voted. By comparison, 61% of the Generation X electorate reported voting that year, as did even larger percentages of older eligible voters.”

That year, Millennials made up 18% of the electorate, but they were only 14% of the vote. Though problems of inequality—both nationally, as well as globally—continue to exist, Millennials engage less than the generations before them.